Giving to the Library

Giving to the Library

"In giving is the true enlightenment"
(Santiveda, 7th Cent. - Sikshasammuccaya:Ratnamegha)

CUHK Library is deeply grateful to any organization or person who gives books and other materials to any of its seven libraries. Books, journals, non-print materials, archives, manuscripts and other materials that support the teaching and research of the University are accepted. For collections of rare and unique scholarly and research value, for posterity, CUHK Library will treat all such offerings with the utmost care and respects.

Gifts to Special Collections

CUHK Library maintains the following special collections. Donations to these collections are specially appreciated.

  1. Rare Books Collection
  2. Hong Kong Studies
  3. Hong Kong Literature Collection
  4. Gao Xingjian Collection
  5. Modern Chinese Drama Collection
  6. Chinese Overseas Collection

Acceptance of Donations

CUHK Library will review the potential gifts to decide whether to incorporate them into the library collections. The acceptance of donations will depend upon the relevance of subject and academic quality; physical condition; publication year; availability in library collections, and whether there are any pre-conditions attached to the gift.

The Library seeks donors' understanding that it reserves the right to accept, reject, dispose or exchange materials according to the conditions described above.

The following is a selected list of donations accepted by CUHK Library. We are appreciative of the staunch support of all donors.

  1. Lo Wai-luen Collection
  2. Liu Yichang Collection


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