Comments and Responses

3,120 comments were received. Many comments were about Library services and staff, of which approximately 80% were positive. Below are some examples:


  • I highly satisfied with the service provided. It is a really good place to study and revise.
  • I am very happy that I can get convenient access to the electronic sources from the Library. At the same time, I enjoy the service provided by the Library including notice, workshop and Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services.
  • Actually, i'm very satisfied with the library service. I feel that i'm in paradise. Thank you so much for offering me such a comfortable and free environment to study!
  • A pleasant, tidy and comfortable environment that optimizes students in continuous self- directed learning.
  • Extensive collection of reference books. Convenient online search engine. Occasionally cannot find spare computers to use, but mostly can find one within 15 minutes. Printing service never fails. Brightly lit and provides very well reading and studying atmosphere, within the library as well as in learning garden
  • CUHK librarians are always very friendly and helpful. Books and resources are well ordered. I have been to other university libraries, the CUHK provides the best services. Students are well disciplined and quiet. I like it the most.
  • Much appreciated for the generous help from the library staff. I benefit a lot through the library courses offered. Thanks again.
  • Activities held in learning garden in the University Library are great.
  • Good place for studying 經常去圖書館。
  • 很好的一個學習環境,設備非常完善。
  • 圖書館設施完備、服務周到、受益良多:)


Thank you for the positive feedback. We are encouraged and will continue to provide quality and professional services to our users. Other frequently commented categories are listed below:


Library Hours



  • Expect main library whole building 24 hours opening everyday





The Learning Garden at the University Library, the Li Ping Medical Library and the Learning Commons at Wu Ho Man Yuen Building (jointly operated with ITSC) are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week during semester. As well, both the Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library and the New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library are open until 2 a.m. during the examination periods.

Energy saving, security and manpower issues amongst others are the Library’s concerns when considering the opening hours.

  • 如可以提早開放時間更好




  • Overall, the staff is efficient and polite. However, there are always long queues in the counter of University Library. I hope that more staff members can be allocated to the counter so that our waiting time can be shortened.

To manage the long queue at the counter and to provide better library services, the Library has committed to enhance the self-service of loan and return of books with RFID technology. New Asia Library and the Medical Library will go live with RFID self-service in summer 2015 and the rest of the libraries in summer 2016.

With the new RFID self-service, library users will enjoy greater convenience, enhanced efficiency, and higher privacy. The Library will have more manpower to provide better enquiry and other services to suit users’ needs.

  • More self-served borrowing is good.
  • 可以引入自動借書還書機器,這樣可以增加效率。現在幫忙借書還書的工作人員可以專門負責回答讀者的諮詢。
  • Longer loan periods for reserve books, LRC collection books and more copies

The loan periods are set so as to ensure there is equitable access by all students. We are prepared to consult on the existing loan periods for reserve book to see if the service can be improved. The Library is producing a Collection Development policy that in consultation with Library Users Group and Faculty sets out a policy on multiple copies. It should be available shortly.

  • Sometimes the due date of the book borrowed changes and is notified through only the email. Plz try not to change the due date of book once it is checked out.

To ensure equitable access to its collections to all users, the Library provides a recall service which shortens the loan period of materials on loan for 30 days or more so that these items can be available for another user who needs the materials. The new due date will be shown in users' Library Record at the Library Online Catalogue and in the Recall Notice sent to the users. To help users return the library materials on time, the Library also sends out a "Coming Due Alert" notice to users with items due in three days. To avoid late return and incurring fines, please make sure your email address is in our system. You can add/update your email address via My Library Record at the Library homepage.

  • 催還制不公,不應加重罰款




  • Should be able to provide more books in each course reserve

The Library has been working closely with teaching departments on acquiring textbooks and course reading materials according to the course reading list. More copies of textbooks will be purchased according to the recommendation from the teaching departments. The Library is producing a Collection Development policy that in consultation with Library Users Group and Faculty sets out a policy on multiple copies. It should be available shortly.

  • 希望多一些課堂需要的 textbook
  • I wish the library can speed up the procurement process.

The Library has been working with vendors to source books more efficiently. Library materials are supplied by reputable international and local book vendors. Books published with small print runs may become out of print quickly and books published several years ago are also difficult to source, but we are continually reviewing our processed to make them as efficient as possible.

  • 加快推薦購買書籍速度
  • Can have more copies for a book

Multiple copies will be acquired when necessary. The Library is producing a Collection Development policy that, in consultation with Library Users Group and Faculty, sets out a policy on multiple copies. It should be available shortly.

  • 書種類多但每種的數量少
  • Increase the number of sub-scriptions to academic journals.

The CUHK Library has one of the strongest collections among UGC libraries; there are 2.5 million print items and more than 9,000 print journal subscriptions. We are continuously acquiring new resources in collabo-ration with teaching departments. Students and faculties are welcome to make recommendations via the Online Suggestion Form:

  • 希望能有更多新出版的書籍




  • More electronic journals should be available.

The CUHK digital library comprises 4.5 million electronic books, more than 120,000 electronic journals and 670 databases. The majority of these resources are accessible both on and off campus from the Library’s web pages. We are continuously enhancing our electronic collection to support teaching and learning at CUHK. Students and faculties are welcome to make recommendations via the Online Suggestion Form:

  • 希望有更多的資料庫可以使用
  • 希望有更多電子書
  • 希望可以增加一些電子期刊資料庫和一些中文書籍

Around 100 Chinese databases are provided by the Library, among which, HyRead 台灣全文資料庫,中文電子學位論文服務,台灣電子期刊服務網 and 月旦法學知識庫 are related to Taiwan. More Chinese titles can be found at Databases List .

  • 電子期刊的中文資料庫較少,台灣地區的學術論文未能囊括
  • Would be nice if books could be checked out to my kindle, or other electronic media.

The service model of checking out Kindle e-books to your own devices is not available in Hong Kong. The Library has been reviewing and monitoring the Kindle e-reader lending service regularly. In the near future, more Kindle e-readers and more e-book titles will be provided.

  • Borrowing Kindle is a very good service. If it can include some Science Books in Kindle, it will be better.
  • Sometimes, I found the Easy Search of the library is not very accuracy. Research results provided some useless information, although these information have more or less relations with retrieval keywords. In sum, library services and facilities are great. Thank you!

The Library has recently upgraded the system to enhance the relevancy and accuracy of the search results particularly for those records containing Chinese characters. Continuous improvement will be made from time to time to ensure user expectations are met.

  • I am truly impressed by the improvements of CUHK library system over the past two years, new buildings, updates on computer and new software, and especially those salons and exhibitions hold in Learning Garden at Ulib. While in terms of academic support, I think there are rooms for improvement, a better online catalogue searching system to be one example (especially the accuracy of search result).

Library Workshops & Activities



  • The library workshops are great, especially those related to open access and publications, as well as the workshop of RefWork and searching databases.

In the past years, the Library has organized some specific workshops such as enhancing presentation skills, theses writing, open access, writing and publishing in academic journals, copyright, information security, and creating researcher id, which were well received by students and researchers. The Library will provide more workshops to meet the study and research needs of students. Users may also request workshops for a particular subject area or a specific assignment at any time during the year.

In addition to face-to-face workshops, users can learn in a virtual environment through the online tutorials, e.g., Research Smart.

  • Workshop is useful but time-consuming to attend, suggest putting the related information or advice such as advance searching methods online as a on-line resources for interested user.
  • More workshops~
  • It would be better that the Library System could coordinate more with other disciplines and identify more external training or self-learning projects, such as empirical studies and academic editing.
  • 很興幸開學初上了 Library Orientation ,學會了如何用圖書館的網上資源,申請 JULAC 卡和 reserve discussion room 等,非常實用。圖書館職員都很有善和樂意幫忙。而且圖書館的氣氛能令人更集中學習。

Computing & Printing Facilities



  • More computers should be provided and they should be upgraded.

The Library is currently providing 500+ public computers across all its branches. This is the highest ratio among all UGC libraries. A rolling program to upgrade the PCs is in place. In the recent two years, all the public computers in branches were replaced and upgraded. We have also improved the PC performance during 2014 by employing a faster hard disk technology.

CUHK is very supportive for the BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy. Library users are encouraged to bring their own computing devices into the Library. Full Wi-Fi coverage and power sockets are provided for these devices

  • Quite efficient, but sometimes feel that more computers can be added.
  • Amount of computers in cclib should increase as people need to wait quite long for just printing few documents.
  • Maybe more printers are needed.

The Library has made every effort to ensure optimal support for its printing services. In 2014, a review of all public printing devices was conducted resulting in the upgrade and addition of multi-function photocopiers (MFP) and printers. Currently the Library is providing across all libraries a total of 72 MFPs. 48 of these are now equipped with Wi-Fi printing which supports Windows-based laptop, smartphone and tablet, and 16 also support Mac OS-based laptop. Three more express printers were also added in branches.

A total of 15 MFPs also offer a charged scanning service. At the same time, the Library is aware of the performance of the flat-bed scanners and has added more speedy scanners in some branches.

  • When will the wifi-printing be available again for Mac users?
  • The study environment is nice. More wifi printing machines are needed.
  • Adding more photocopiers and scanners is better.
  • The wireless printing is complicated to use for mobile device, I had to find the IP of printer, download a Ricoh software, and then proceed. I tried once, and it took so much time. Why not put some instructional flyers around?

The Library understands your concern and is well aware of the difficulties of using Wi-Fi printing. We are constantly providing feedback to the MFP vendor which developed the Wi-Fi/Mobile printing solution, and urging improvements.

  • 基本滿意,圖書館每一層的佈置都令我對學習充滿動力,學科資料也足夠多,但是有一點不太滿意的是, wifi 自助式列印服務無法下載至私人電腦中,不知道是否程式錯誤,這一點不是很方便。
  • Please improve the wifi system in the Learning Garden.

The Library is now providing full Wi-Fi coverage in all public areas. Popular areas such as the Learning Garden and Research Commons are equipped with a higher density of Wi-Fi Access Points. The New Asia Library will undergo a renovation in summer 2015; this will include upgrade to the Wi-Fi network there. Please note the Wi-Fi connection is ultimately based on ITSC's networking infrastructure, which has set a maximum capacity for the network throughput.

  • The wifi is slow and unstable.
  • 環境很好,職員態度不錯,唯應加強圖書館裡面的 WIFI 連線速度。
  • 圖書館的 wifi 明顯在考試期間等的使用高峰期有連接不佳及速度過慢的情況,wifi 應以應付最高峰期的使用情況作標準。
  • It would be great if a cheaper printing service can be provided for printing in bulk.

The Library acknowledges the need to provide a printing service that is affordable to most students and at the same time to protect the environment by discouraging unnecessary printing. A review was done in September 2012 and determined that the current level of the printing charges is appropriate. We will however consider aligning the charge for network printing and printing from MFPs. We will also periodically review the printing charge and update whenever it is necessary.

  • Costly printing cost.
  • It's very nice already. It would be better if the booking of a group-discussion room is easier.

The Library will be working with the system vendor to enhance the user interface to make it more intuitive. We will also improve the speed performance by upgrading the internal system components.

  • I suggest that the booking system of room can be more user convenient.

Other Facilities



  • Not enough seats and facilities need upgrading.

The various branch libraries that need renovation are being reviewed for upgrading and this will occur over the next few years as funding becomes available.

  • Not very convenient to get hot water.

Fountains with hot and cold water are available on all floors of the University Library and also in the branch libraries. Users may refer to the floor plans or ask our library staff for the location of the water fountains.

  • More water refilling stations would help.
  • 希望在各圖書館內有更多,標誌更明顯的飲水處,並提供熱水。

Noise and Temperature



  • Group study rooms are not sound-proof. Cause disturbance to library users outside the study rooms and cause inconvenience for study room users that they have to keep their volume low during conversations in order not to disturb others outside.

The Library has been working with the Campus Development Office (CDO) to explore how to make the Bubble Group Study Rooms soundproof as far as possible. Work will be carried out in Summer 2015 to improve the soundproofing.

  • 希望小組討論室的隔音設計有所提升,特別是進學園內的討論室,在內時常被投訴聲浪過大。
  • I think the temperature of the indoor areas should be adjusted a bit because it is too cold in summer and too warm in winter.

The Library has set its temperature in the range of 21-23 Degree Celsius and the relative humidity of 45-60%, which is suitable for users and books. However, it is inevitable that the temperature may fluctuate under different weather conditions. Besides, the cooling effect may be more noticeable in areas nearby the air grilles. If users feel unusually cold or hot in a certain area, please contact staff at the Circulation Counter.

  • 希望圖書館的冷氣溫度可以調高些。