Data Hack 2021

21/04/2021 to 23/05/2021

Data Hack 2021

We are pleased to invite all CUHK students and staff to join the Data Hack 2021 and pre-hackathon workshops.


Data Hack 2021

Main Theme: Post-COVID-19 Opportunities: What People want to Do After the Pandemic


  • Health and Ageing Issues
  • Leisure, Retail and Tourism
  • Media, Culture and Entertainment
  • Financial Industry

Date: 21 May 2021 (Fri) – 23 May 2021 (Sun)



  • Promoting innovation skills, including data and digital competency to CUHK students and staff
  • Enhancing multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional collaboration among CUHK students and staff


We welcome CUHK students and staff to join the Data Hack 2021 in teams or as individuals.

Please go to Data Hack 2021 Website for details.  Deadline for registration is 20 May 2021 (Thu).


Pre-Hackathon Workshops

Participants of Data Hack 2021 are invited to join the pre-hackathon workshops on cloud computing services and data preparation to get prepared for the competition in the Data Hack 2021.  Interested CUHK students and staff are also welcome to join.  

The workshops are classified in five categories:

  1. Problem Definition
  2. Data Preparation
  3. Analysis/Modeling/Validation
  4. Presentation/Visualization
  5. Deployment

Students who attend at least one workshop in every category will be issued a certificate of attendance (Introduction to Data Competency Certificate). For those workshops that fall into multiple categories, only one category can be considered for fulfilling the requirement. Students who want to receive the certificate are required to attend at least 5 workshops, with one from each category.

Click here for detalis and registration.



Center for Entrepreneurship, CUHK Library, Data Science and Policy Studies Programme, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, Department of Management, Department of Social Work, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) Minor Programme, School of Journalism and Communication of CUHK



Platinum Sponsor: Amazon Web Services
Sponsors: Microsoft, Yesports



Please email to or for enquiries.