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E.g., 06/12/2021
  • 16/10/2018 to 14/11/2018

    The Library is pleased to arrange two talks for researchers and postgraduate students on writing and publishing with international journals. Wiley and Taylor & Francis, two of the world’s leading publishers of academic journals, will provide the talks. CUHK postgraduate students and researchers are all welcome to attend.

    1. Author Strategies for Journal Publication: Tips for Early Career Researchers

    22 Oct (Mon) 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon


    How to select the right journal for your manuscript Submission tips How to survive peer review Publishing ethics How to promote your research and increase readership Introduction to Wiley Researcher Academy

    Speaker : Dr. Tina Wang, Journal Publishing Manager, Wiley

  • 15/10/2018 to 20/12/2018

    Only through the “touching the ground” experience, can we understand the meaning of material culture in the past and explain to our contemporaries why we need to care about archaeological ruins. Our students learned a wide range of fieldwork skills and techniques through these meaningful archaeological internships. More important, the hands-on experience provides a great chance to them for better understanding the Bronze Age civilization in Sichuan and the Jiangkou sunken treasure legend. To team up with the underwater archaeology group, we want to present not only the fascinating archaeological experience “From the Mountains (Sichuan) to the Sea (Guangdong)” but also provide the general public some reflections inspired by these internships such as the variety and diversity of ancient...

  • 15/10/2018 to 02/11/2018

    Date: 15 October - 2 November 2018
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
    Exhibition Statement:
    This exhibition presents the organisation, fund-raising, regional characteristics, construction of the bamboo theatres, troupe structure, training of artists and special features of the opera series.
    Cantonese Opera Exhibition: Ritualistic Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong, 2016-2018

  • 02/10/2018 to 12/10/2018

    Title: Re-
    Artists: So Tsui Midori and Wong Yee Ling Esther
    Date: 2 – 12 October 2018
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
    Exhibition Statement:
    “Re-”, a prefix, carries meanings like “afresh”, “anew”, and indicates withdrawal or restoration.
    Animals have the instinct response to lick an injury. However, it is not a way to aid wound healing. Such act can only reduce pain and smooth emotions. Human give animals a Buster collar in order to prevent them from wound licking, since “the wound will get infected” and “it is not good for their health”.
    Aren’t human doing the same thing though?

  • 24/09/2018 to 22/10/2018

    The following is a series of workshops specifically designed for researchers on research impact. All CUHK researchers and postgraduates are welcome to join.

    Enhancing Your Research Impact

    Using ORCID iD to Raise Your Research Profile

    This workshop can help you to:

    Understand the benefit of having an ORCID iD Register for an ORCID iD Manage your research outputs in ORCID iD Link up your ORCID iD to AIMS

    Date and Time: 5 Oct (Fri) 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

    Venue: Webinar

    Registration: Click here to register

    Author IDs - Making yourself distinguishable and discoverable on the web


  • 21/09/2018 to 12/10/2018

    Short talk by academic staff
    Presentations on research across disciplines
    Exchange ideas among postgraduates
    Enhancing presentation skills from feedback…

    The twelfth Research Café organized by the Library will be held on 12 Oct. The theme is Climate . The Café is consist of a talk on “A Climate Journey of Interdisciplinary Research” by Prof. XU Yuan of Dept. of Geography and Resource Management, and Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability, and two presentations across disciplines by PhD candidates. Dr. Karl Holm of The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) will provide feedback on student presentation skills. We are very honoured that Prof. Xu has helped organize this Café. Postgraduates...

  • 20/09/2018 to 16/10/2018

    Come to learn how to enhance your research skills! All CUHK researchers and postgraduate students are welcome to join the following research skills workshops in September and October 2018.

    Program : Sharpening Your Research Skills

    Literature Review for a Successful Research Paper

    This workshop will cover the following to help you conduct a good literature review:

    The purpose and process of literature review The structure of a literature review Effective strategies for identifying relevant literature

    19 Sept (Wed) 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
    Venue : Webinar
    Registration : Click here to register

    Exploring Research...

  • 11/09/2018 to 07/10/2018




  • 09/09/2018 to 11/10/2018

    Co-organized with the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR), the Library is pleased to offer this workshop for staff and postgraduate students to use NVivo to conduct research analysis. CUHK staff and postgraduate students are all welcome to join .

    Researching with NVivo: From Coding to Meaning Making (Re- Run)

    This workshop will explore grounded theory through using NVivo. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to conduct a basic text analysis through coding with nodes, and build themes through linking nodes to tree nodes using NVivo.

    Date : 11 Oct 2018 (Thu)
    Time : 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon
    Facilitator : Dr. Paula Hodgson, Professional Consultant, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR)


  • 07/09/2018 to 29/10/2018

    Classical Chinese prose and poetry flourished prodigiously in Hong Kong since its opening up in the 19 th century, witnessing the growth of poetry societies and the coming to the scene renowned literati who had left us with enormous amount of treasurable writings. The torch passes on, this classical literary tradition still strives in strength today. From September 6 to 8, 2018, the Chinese Language and Literature Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong organises the conference “The Canonical Legacy: the 2nd International Conference on Classical Chinese Literature since the 1911 Revolution” . On this special occasion, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library joins the Chinese Language and Literature Department to organise this exhibition “ A splendid century of classical...

  • 04/09/2018 to 19/10/2018

    Do you want to enhance your writing skills in capturing readers’ interest in your research topic and communicate its significance effectively?

    Co-organized with The Independent Learning Centre (ILC), the Library is pleased to offer discussion workshops for research postgraduate students on thesis writing (in Chinese) , thesis introduction (in English) and thesis abstract (in English) in Oct 2018.

    Structuring a Thesis Introduction: How to Get Readers Hooked at the Beginning

    16 Oct (Tue) 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    In this workshop, you will be introduced to steps for capturing your readers’ interest in your research topic, appreciating the significance of your research and understanding your research purpose. Specific language features...

  • 03/09/2018 to 09/11/2018

    The Library will have workshops on introducing digital humanities/scholarship and related tools to arouse the interest in applying new digital tools on research. Welcome CUHK academics, researchers and postgraduate students to join.

    Using Facilities in Digital Scholarship Lab

    This briefing session will demonstrate the use of equipment and facilities in the Digital Scholarship Lab and to introduce the software and tools available from the workstations to enable you to conduct digital scholarship research at the Lab at ease.

    24 Sep (Mon) 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Click to register * Re-scheduled *

    Introducing Digital Humanities for Study and...

  • 01/09/2018 to 12/10/2018

    Workshop 3: Visualizing and Publishing Your Data in Python , the last workshop of the Innovation Skills Workshops: Applying Digital Tools in Telling Stories with DATA Series collaborated with Center for Entrepreneurship will be held on 5, 9 & 12 Oct (3 sessions) . Welcome CUHK Faculty members, researchers and all students to join this workshop to equip yourself to tell impactful stories with data. Joint Certificate of Attendance will be issued for participants who have attended the whole...

  • 01/09/2018 to 12/10/2018

    The Library is pleased to offer AIMS and Research Portal workshops for the CUHK community. CUHK researchers and administrative staff are all welcome to join the workshops.

    Managing and archiving your Research Output in AIMS

    AIMS is the Academic Information Management System of CUHK for managing and depositing full text of your research outputs. This workshop will demonstrate:

    Key features of AIMS and its public interface Research Portal The easy ways to get your research outputs into AIMS The easy ways to deposit the full text of your research outputs in AIMS The right version of full text for depositing and the copyright issues Date Time Medium of Instruction Registration 20 Sep (Thu) 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Cantonese (Powerpoint in...
  • 29/08/2018 to 30/09/2018

    In response to the changing needs for learning, teaching and research, and with an aim to create spaces that are technology-rich and vibrant, Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library and United College Wu Chung Library have completed their renovation projects during the summer period and the Libraries will reopen from 3 September 2018 to welcome back our users for the new academic year. We are thankful to all users for their patience and understanding during the closure of Library. For more renovation updates, click on Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library and United College Wu Chung Library...

  • 29/08/2018 to 12/09/2018

    The Library Orientation for new postgraduate students will be held from 30 August to 12 September 2018 at the University Library.

    Make a good start and attend a session to help you use CUHK Library for your research and studies effectively! All postgraduates are welcome to join.

    You will get to know:

    Access to electronic and print resources, and library guides Workshops on sharpening research and writing skills Borrowing privileges, research consultation, access to other UGC libraries, computing facilities and printing services Facilities for study and discussion Featured services for postgraduates: Research Café , Research Poster Exhibition , research seminars and events

    You will get a guided tour of University Library to see our state of the art learning...

  • 14/08/2018 to 29/09/2018
  • 01/08/2018 to 31/08/2018

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  • 01/08/2018 to 01/11/2018

    With effect from 1st September, 2018, more than forty thousand volumes of classical Chinese reference collection (AC Class) will be relocated from the University Library to the United College Wu Chung Library. These titles will greatly enhance the collection strength of the United College Wu Chung Library as one of the two humanities libraries on upper-campus. The holding information is now available on the LibrarySearch .

  • 16/07/2018 to 16/10/2018

    The General Education Program aims at providing a balanced undergraduate education for students in order to equip them with the intelligence for understanding critical issues, ideas and values of humanity in modern society. The Library acquires classical works and major works from a wide variety of disciplines to support the General Education program. Selected award-winning titles are show-cased at the college libraries. You are most welcome to check it out!