NVivo Workshops

29/01/2021 to 03/03/2021

The Library is pleased to offer the following workshop for staff and postgraduate students to use NVivo to conduct qualitative data analyses. CUHK staff and postgraduate students are all welcome to join.


NVivo: Strategies to Advance Qualitative Data Analysis

With the latest version of NVivo, the advanced workshop will use research examples to illustrate features and functionalities to allow researchers to use an inductive or deductive approach to sources of data when analysing qualitative data. Coding allows us to formulate a framework or identify sources of evidence with respect to the approaches used. Categories emerge when individual coding is clustered into levels of sub-themes. To address research questions, researchers can further explore relationships between or within cases. The queries function in NVivo allows researchers to retrieve matrix results easily. In addition, NVivo also offers an alternative approach to textual script analysis that provides fresh scope from the sea of data such that this can provide an enlightened scope in addition to existing theories.
The demonstration will be conducted with the latest version in Windows.

Date: 3 Mar 2021
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Registration: Click here to register
Intended participants: Staff and postgraduate students who have started using NVivo to analyse research data
Facilitator: Dr. Paula Hodgson
Language: English
Venue: Online Workshop via Zoom

  • Participants must have experience in using NVivo.
  • Interested participants are advised to have your own computer with new NVivo installed before attending the workshop.  Participants are encouraged to use your own qualitative research project data in the session.
  • The priority of registration will be given to staff and postgraduates who have attended the workshop on “NVivo 12: A Tool for Data Coding and Conceptual Building”

Enquiries: Email to research@lib.cuhk.edu.hk