Research Poster Exhibition

23/04/2016 to 20/05/2016

Research Poster Exhibition

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The Research Poster Exhibition organized by the Library for CUHK postgraduate students will be held from 11 to 13 May 2016 in the University Library. [Extended to 20 May 2016 (Fri)] CUHK postgraduate students are welcome to participate in the Research Poster Exhibition.


  • to facilitate postgraduate students to present their own research to the broader university community
  • to provide participants opportunities to enhance poster presentation skills

Event Features:

  • Display of research posters from postgraduate students conducting research in various disciplines
  • Oral presentation of research content and answering judges’ questions by participants

Eligibility of participants: CUHK postgraduate students


  • Exhibition:
       11 May 2016 (Wed) (from 3:00 p.m.) to 13 May 2016 (Fri) [Extended to 20 May 2016 (Fri)]
  • Presentation by participants & Prize presentation:
       12 May 2016 (Thu) 12:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
          Light refreshment will be provided.

Key Dates for Entry:

  • Deadline for submission of poster abstracts: 29 Apr 2016 (Fri)
  • Notification of selection results: 3 May 2016 (Tue)
  • Deadline for submission of posters: 5 May 2016 (Thu)

Venue: Reading Area next to Digital Scholarship Lab, G/F, University Library

Poster Guidelines:

  • The poster should present contents for the participants’ own research.
  • All poster abstracts from interested postgraduates should be submitted via the Online Submission Form
  • Poster size: 140 cm (H) X 90 cm (W)
  • Poster content should be easily readable within 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Poster should include the poster title, student’s full name, name of department/discipline, and relevant research contents (e.g. research objectives, methods, results or any combination of these).
  • Softcopy of selected posters in PDF or JPEG format at 300 dpi should be sent to the Library for printing.

Poster Presentation:

  • Participants should stand near to their posters and orally present their research content to the judges and people attending the exhibition and answer their questions.
  • Judge panel attending the poster exhibition are free to move about from poster to poster, and may ask students questions about the research. Students should be prepared to give a short oral presentation and answer questions.

Honoured Judge Panel:

  • Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff, Dean of the Graduate School & Wei Lun Professor of Law
  • Mr. Pierre Assier, Lecturer of The Independent Learning Centre
  • Ms. Louise Jones, University Librarian of The Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Best Poster Presentation: $300 book coupon
  • 1st Runner-up of Best Poster Presentation: $200 book coupon

Assessment Criteria:

  • Poster content relevant to research topic/title
  • Poster design
  • Presentation (clarity and quality)
  • Q&A (knowledge of subjects)

Abstract Submission: Complete the Online Submission Form

Enquiries: 3943 9754 /