Daoism Outside / Inside: An Exhibition on Daoist Scriptures and Ritual Texts of the Qing Dynasty

08/03/2016 to 30/07/2016

The exhibition includes:

•  Daoist scriptures of the Qing Dynasty in the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library Collection

•  Daoist ritual texts used in Hong Kong and Macau that show the influence of Daoist tradition on Chinese customs in daily life.

•  Digitized Daoist scriptures and ritual texts on the Library’s Digital Repository, as well as the video of Daoist ritual.

•  First “Daoist Digital Museum” in the world; providing information on the Daoist temples in Guangzhou, their architecture, enshrined effigies, ritual and sacred implements, etc. 

Organizer: Jointly presented by the Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture and CUHK Library

Date: 17.3.2016 – 30.7.2016

Venue: Exhibition Area, University Library

Enquiries: 3943 8740 / 3943 4464

All are welcome.