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E.g., 04/07/2022
E.g., 04/07/2022
  • 17/11/2021

    Research Café on Carbon Neutrality (1) Climate Policy

    The 17th Research Café will be held on 17 Nov 2021 (Wed) . The series theme is Carbon Neutrality , which features a wide spectrum of studies by postgraduate students at CUHK that address various aspects of carbon neutrality, or net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, for managing climate risks. Each research café has a focused topic to facilitate discussion and collaboration. The focused topic of the coming Research Café is Climate Policy . The Library is planning to organize three more Research Cafés on the following topics in 2022 - 2023:

    Climate science: From origin to impacts Energy transition: Renewables, fossil fuels, electricity market, geopolitics Carbon storage: CO2 capture, utilization and storage, ecosystem and...
  • 17/11/2021 to 31/05/2022

    In the past decades, it is the generosity of many donors and the foresight of our predecessors that have contributed to the gradual growth of our collections. The Library organizes exhibitions with different themes regularly to showcase our Special Collections including rare books, manuscripts, artworks and archival materials. It is also hoped that this online exhibition platform serves as a time tunnel which gives insights of how wisdom and knowledge has been accumulated and transferred with the devotion of successive generations throughout our history. Please visit the virtual exhibitions to explore our unique collections.

    The online exhibitions will be released in batches. The first batch covers 10 exhibitions while other exhibitions will be released later.

  • 15/11/2021 to 17/12/2021

    Title: 2020-2021 Literary CUHK Essay Competition – Exhibition of Entries
    Date: 15 November – 3 December 2021 (Extended to 17 December 2021)
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library


    2020-21 Literary CUHK Essay Competition was organised by the Chinese Language Teaching Development Centre (CLTDC) of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, CUHK. It aimed to arouse students’ interest in creative writing in the Chinese Language, enhance their observation and expressive skills. It was also hoped that the competition would promote literary creation on the campus. The competition was open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff and alumni from CUHK.
    This Year, 24 contestants were awarded, including students and alumni from...

  • 09/11/2021 to 28/01/2022

    Professor CN Yang, a friend of CUHK for over half a century and our Distinguished Professor-at-Large, is one of the most important theoretical physicists of the contemporary era, and one of the first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize. As Professor Yang enters the hundredth year of a remarkable life, the Library is delighted to present the Exhibition "Professor CN Yang at 100: Grand Master of Physics, Stalwart Friend of CUHK", as part of the celebratory activities.

    The exhibition showcases precious collections from Professor Yang and take audiences on a journey through Professor Yang’s life and experience. The selected items on display include his study notes, research papers, graduation certificates and photographs as well as...

  • 08/11/2021 to 30/11/2021

    (The event content is in Chinese only.)


    中央研究院 「數位人文研究平台」簡介

    中央研究院數位文化中心 根據人文研究的需求,發展協助學者提升研究質量的數位化工具與平台。期望結合研究者、研究資料與研究工具之綜效,擴大研究的規模及縮短研究的時間,以提升人文研究的質量。 「數位人文研究平台」 ( ) 提供一個完整的研究環境,讓研究者可以透過雲端服務取得研究中所需的資料與工具。


    日期:2021年11月30日 (星期二)
    時間:下午 3:00 - 4:30
    報名: 按此 報名

  • 03/11/2021 to 28/02/2022

    To better protect your personal data, starting from 2 January 2022, the Library will only retain your borrowing history of the last 12 months. That means the loan record of an item will be removed from your library account 12 months after the item has been returned to the Library.

    To know how to save your borrowing history, please refer to the Library's webpage for the steps: or watch the how-to video .

    If you have any doubt or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us .

  • 01/11/2021 to 12/11/2021

    Artists: Fong Pong Yuet, Jack and Chu Lok Ting, Natalie
    Date: 1 – 12 November 2021
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library


    Jack and Natalie both habitually gather “something” in their daily lives. We collect “something” without knowing their purposes, yet feeling there would eventually be. The utility or futility of “something” cannot be clearly recognized right away. The aimless act of collecting might imply their potential strength we see in vague.


    Gather Amaranth, Assemble Turnip (Joint Display)

    Art Works:

    Chu Lok Ting, Natalie...

  • 18/10/2021 to 12/11/2021

    Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore library (CCL) is turning 50 on 29th October 2021. To mark the occasion, there will be a virtual and physical display in the library so staff and students and alumni can experience and reminisce about the changes and developments over the years.

    Title: Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library 50th Anniversary Photo Display
    Date: 18 October - 12 November 2021
    Venue: Lobby, Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library

    Please click HERE to visit the Webpage for Chung Chi College Elisabeth Luce Moore Library 50th Anniversary.


  • 15/10/2021

    Owing to the maintenance work, Hong Kong Literature Database will be unavailable from 5:00 p.m. on 15 October (FRI) to 12 noon on 16 October 2021 (SAT).

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    13 th October, 2021

  • 13/10/2021 to 16/10/2021

    CUHK Virtual Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions

    The Library will be open to the registered visitors for campus visits on the CUHK Virtual Information Day for Undergraduate Admissions .
    We are expecting many visitors, but will try to minimize any disruption.
    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused....

  • 11/10/2021 to 04/11/2021

    Title: Display of Publications by Professor Masayuki SATO of United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar
    Date: 11 October – 4 November 2021
    Venue: Lobby, United College Wu Chung Library
    Exhibits: Books and electronic resources

  • 08/10/2021 to 05/11/2021

    Title: Display of Publications by Professor Ng On-cho, Distinguished Scholar of the New Asia Lectures on Confucianism 2021
    Date: 8 October – 5 November 2021
    Venue: G/F, New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library
    Exhibits: Books and articles


  • 04/10/2021 to 15/11/2021

    The Display of the Literary Works of Professor Yu Ying Shih is held in the New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library. More than 60 titles of Professor Yu’s works published since 1950s are displayed. All are welcome.

    Title: Display of the Literary Works of Professor Yu Ying Shih
    Date: 4 - 25 October 2021 (Extended to 15 November 2021)
    Venue: Lobby, New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library


    Display of the Literary Works of Professor Yu Ying Shih



  • 04/10/2021 to 29/10/2021

    Date: 4 -29 October 2021
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library

    Over the years, the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library has acquired very finely reproduced artworks made by specialists including the Nigensha Publishing Co. Ltd. in Japan and kept in the New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library. The Collection consists of calligraphy and paintings reproduced from the Tang to the Qing Dynasty. The originals of these artworks are housed in different museums such as National Palace Museum, Taipei, Shanghai Museum, and British Museum. The artwork reproduction requires a high standard of professional and specialized skills. This art works display showcases the featured Chinese paintings of the Yuen dynasty. All are welcome during the Library’s opening hours...

  • 30/09/2021 to 08/05/2022

    Southbound intellectuals had had a profound impact on the heritage and evolution of traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong over the past century since the late Qing and Republican era. These Lingnan literati established schools and other educational institutions for nurturing talents, founded literary societies and poetry gatherings to facilitate literary expression and exchange, and celebrated the humanity and integrity of the traditional ideal Chinese scholar. They also launched newspapers and magazines and organized exhibitions to preserve and promote the traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong. The rich and enduring legacy of the traditional Chinese classics, art, and literature followed the southbound journey of these intellectuals to Hong Kong and flourished in the city....

  • 28/09/2021 to 20/10/2021

    Next time you receive an email notification that a HKALL item you have requested is available at the University Library, you can simply go get the book from the Self-pickup Station, which is conveniently located in the Course Reserves / Holds Room. With this new service, you no longer need to line up in front of the Service Counter of the University Library just to pick up HKALL items and you can borrow HKALL items around-the-clock during the semester.

    To know more about HKALL service, please refer to the Library's webpage:

  • 16/09/2021 to 24/09/2021

    Artist: Chan Long Yin, Ivan; Chan Hiu Wai, Allison and Wong Kam Nam
    Date: 16 - 24 September 2021
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library

    The exhibition stems from the confusion towards the displacement of memories. We tend to capture variability and fragility of memories. New memories of the “past” are manifested with/without our knowing, the consistent rival between elapse and preserving.


    Remodeling (Joint Display)

    Art Works:


  • 30/08/2021 to 30/09/2021

    The LG/F of New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library has been renovated this summer and will open 24/7 from 1 September 2021 to provide extra seating space. There will be a 30-minute closure each day for cleaning.

    For details of the library opening hours, please visit: .

    LG/F of New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library...

  • 30/08/2021 to 10/09/2021

    Artist: Fok Hill Young, Isaac and Hon Kei Yan, Adrian
    Date: 30 August – 10 September 2021
    Venue: New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library

    Hon Kei Yan, Adrian
    I am a migraine sufferer. My creation mainly revolves around threatened visual disturbances caused by neurovascular disorders, including hemianopia, visual snow, and other visions, trying to capture the instability of patients. Trying to reproduce it with violence and resisting. This kind of creation has become the artificial benefit of among my patients. I know exactly what I need from Visual snow. Intentionally or unintentionally, the snowflakes are cancelled out in the LCD. I would rather live under the belonging of others, believing that a second is a miscalculation that crosses the...

  • 24/08/2021 to 29/10/2021

    The Library will have the following workshops on introducing research data, digital scholarship and related tools to arouse the interest in applying new digital tools on research. Welcome CUHK academics, researchers and postgraduate students to join.

    Understanding Research Data Management

    Research data management refers to the collection, analysis, archive, sharing, and reuse of research data. This workshop will introduce the principles in managing data, the practice of managing and depositing research data. It will also emphasize how sharing and reuse of research data influence your research impact.

    14 Sep (Tue) 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | Click here to register...