Different events in promoting new research skills, tools and development have been organised to CUHK community in arousing their interest and awareness.  

CUHK Data Hack 2021

The first CUHK Data Hack 2021 was held on 21-23 May 2021, organised by Digital Scholarship and Learning Garden Teams with Center for EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) Minor ProgrammeDepartment of Cultural and Religious StudiesData Science and Policy Studies ProgrammeSchool of Journalism and CommunicationDepartment of Management and Department of Social Work.  Workshop series "From Data Sourcing to Publishing" was organised throughout the 2020/21 academic year covering various different tools and skills on data scraping, processing, visualisation and deployment.  More information can be found in the Data Hack page.

2021 Chinese Classic Text OCR Challenge

Chinese OCR is an important element for digital scholarship and it is the first step for research on Chinese Classics text analysis.  RSDI has organised the first “2021 Chinese Classic Text OCR Challenge” in early 2021 to compare the excellence of the automatic recognition of Chinese characters in classics. 10 teams from worldwide scholars, researchers and practitioners had completed the Challenge in OCR Chinese Classics.  Read the Challenge page for more details.


Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" 2020

The Library has collaborated with Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) in January 2020 for Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" series (「數位人文與中國文化研究」公開講座系列 2020) . Two GIS experts from Academia Sinica has shared their experience in conducting GeoHumanities and historical research.
From Spatio-temporal GIS to Geo-humanities 從時空GIS到空間人文學
Speaker: Prof. FAN I-chun 范毅軍教授
Date & Time: 7 Jan 2020 (Mon), 4:30 - 6:00 pm
The Cyber Infrastructure for GeoHumanities and the Study of Environmental History Based on HGIS 基於歷史地理信息系統發展空間人文學及環境史研究網路基礎設施 
Speaker: Mr. LIAO Hsiung-ming 廖泫銘先生
Date & Time: 10 Jan 2020 (Thu), 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" 2020 poster Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" 2020 - Prof. Lai Chi-tim Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" 2020 - Prof. Fan I-chun
Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" 2020 Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" 2020 - Mr. Liao Hsiung-ming Public Talks on "Digital Humanities and Chinese Studies" 2020 - Mr. Liao Hsiung-ming

DS Symposium (19 Mar 2019)

The second Digital Scholarship Symposium, titled “(Re-)Mining Text: From Traditional to Digital” was held on 19 March 2019 was co-organized with Hong Kong Literature Research Centre. The one-day Symposium aimed to explore the techniques and applications of text mining in the new era. Researchers mine text in a microscopic way using traditional research methods. But with techniques developed in digital scholarship, they can re-mine the text from a macroscopic perspective.  Visit the Symposium page for more information.

Author ID Events (12 Nov 2018)

The CUHK Library organised a series of talks on Author Identity. Representatives from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ORCID, Clarivate Analytics, and Elsevier shared their views on how to manage author identity and track research impact in different platforms, namely iAuthor, ORCID, Web of Science, and Scopus. Five postgraduate volunteers provided onsite support and assistance for author identity registrations in the week.

Author ID events Author ID talks Author ID talks
Author ID talks Author ID talks Author ID booth

DS Symposium (31 March 2017)

The first DS Symposium was held on 31 March 2017 to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Digital Scholarship Lab at University Library.  Scholars invited have shared their research projects about data visualizationdevelopment of digital museumGIS and development of historical database for online access. Over 60 participants joined the half day symposium while in the afternoon there was a workshop on China Biographical Database (CBDB).  Visit the Symposium page for more information.

Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016)

The Open Access Day aims to share with the University community the benefits of opening up research. Themed as “Open in Action – Enhancing Research Impact @CUHK AIMS”, the event tied in with the International Open Access Week to highlight the needs of opening up the University's research outputs through the new Academic Information Management System (AIMS) and the institutional repository CUHK Research Portal.

Opening of Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016) Opening of Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016) Roundtable of Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016)
Roundtable of Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016) Open Forum of Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016) AIMS demo of Open Access Day (24 Oct 2016)

Events for Postgraduate students in enhancing their research showcasing skills are also available, including

  • Research Café provides an opportunity for CUHK research postgraduate students to enhance their presentation skills by presenting their research to participants and facilitating interdisciplinary research ideas exchange.

Research Cafe

Research Poster Exhibition (2019) Research Poster Exhibition (2021) Research Poster Exhibition (2021)