Lost Card

Lost Card 遺失中大通或圖書證

Library users will be responsible for any use made of the Library Card or CU Link Card issued to them. For your protection, contact the Library immediately to report a lost or stolen card.  You are responsible for anything borrowed on your card until it is reported lost or stolen to the Library.

Loss of a CU Link Card and its Replacement

Report the loss of a CU Link Card to the Library as well as to the CU Link Card Centre.  For replacement of a CU Link Card, please refer to: http://www5.cuhk.edu.hk/culink/index.php/en/help-corner/all-help-topics/29-lost-card-a-re-issurance.

Loss of all other types of Library Cards and their Replacement

Report the loss of a Library Card to the Library.  To apply for a replacement card, please contact the Library staff for assistance.  A replacement card may be issued five working days after the application and payment is received.

Please update any personal information with the Library whenever necessary.