Comments and Responses

1,401 comments including compliments were received. Most of the compliments referred to Library services and staff. Below are some examples:

  • I always go to the University Library and I found it so good for me to study and to do research for my Final Year Project. After I have developed a habit of visiting library, my academic result keep improving and I am so delighted to see this. University library is the best library I have ever been to! Everything is good there, staffs are friendly and helpful, resources are rich and up-to-dated and the self-study areas are awesome!
  • It's always a great experience to use the service provided by the University Library. The staff are great and the various equipment are really easy and usually ready to use. It would not be bold for me to say that the library has enhanced my learning experience.
  • I truly believe that the CU library is one of the best in the whole of HK. Keep up the good work :)
  • They do perfect work, just need to enhance on few places, but which is not very necessary. I do appreciate the help from the library. If I could make any success on my study, it is all because of the staff hard work in the library. In a nutshell, I just want to say "without your work, I am just a homeless vagrant in the thinking world."
  • I am an international student, I used to work for the library of my home university. I think that I have to learn from the organization of CUHK Library System and report it. You provide a very good service!
  • The library is the heart of a University. I am grateful for the services provided by the University Library System and am highly appreciative of the quality of service provided by the dedicated library staff of CUHK. A thousand thanks from me and my colleagues in the Faculty of Arts. 18 Nov. 2011


We appreciate your comments and support which help us to achieve a higher standard of library services. Other frequently commented categories are listed below:


Library Hours



  • It would be great if the opening hour of all libraries is longer.





With the arrival of the new 4-year undergraduate curriculum in 2012/13, the Library is pleased to introduce new services upon the opening of the new Main Library Extension and the new Architecture Library. The Learning Commons located on the lower ground of the new Extension and in the Wu Ho Man Yuen Building are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for most of the year. The new Architecture Library will open 24 hours, seven days a week to staff and students from the School of Architecture. The Li Ping Medical Library is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Both New Asia Library and Chung Chi College Library have opened to 2:00am during exam periods.

Learning Space



  • I think it is still not enough place for self-study, especially in NA and CC Library.

With the movement of collections over the summer Chung Chi College Library will offer additional study spaces and seating. The number of seats in New Asia College Library has been increased from 290 to 311 (7.24%) in the past six years. The New Asia Library continues to add study carrels whenever space allows. Extensive additional study spaces will be available in the new Learning Commons in the Library Extension as well as in the new Learning Commons (jointly operated with ITSC) in the new Wu Ho Man Yuen Building.

  • More seats and computer should be provided in CC library as there are many students using that library.
  • The environment in UL or ARL is somehow depressing, space is not enough and organization is messy.

The loan periods are set so as to ensure there is equitable access by all students. We are prepared to consult on the existing loan periods for reserve book to see if the service can be improved. The Library is producing a Collection Development policy that in consultation with Library Users Group and Faculty sets out a policy on multiple copies. It should be available shortly.




  • 根據讀者的需求適當增加館藏

The Library has been continuously acquiring books related to courses and research, in collaboration with teaching departments. In addition, more books for general reading are also selected. The Library welcomes your valuable suggestions. Users are welcome to make recommendation via the Online Suggestion Form:

  • The library should purchase books from different disciplines for students to develop an interest in reading.
  • 多一些书籍.

There are 2.5 million items of print, 62,000 e-journal titles, and over 4.5 million e-books provided by the Library. The Library has managed to expand 24/7 easy access for the electronic collection. The Library acquires additional copies for books with higher checkouts statistics, and also, increases the number of concurrent users for electronic resources with high access statistics, e.g., 中國基本古籍庫.

  • 请提高基本古籍库的使用名额
  • Increase the number of journal subscription would be helpful for research students and staff. If more e-books are available, it would be excellent.
  • Reducing the time of purchasing new books would be great.

Library materials are supplied by renowned international and local book vendors. Books published in a smaller quantity may become out of print quickly and books published several years ago are also difficult to source. The Library has cooperated with large second hand bookshops to track these items.

  • All reserve books are suggested going back normal status after the exam immediately. It is important for researchers of any disciplines to conduct their research since nearly all books can be picked up at the shelves and not the reserved shelves. They can hold longer time for their research!

Normally library staff will release reserve books back to open stacks after the semester is over unless requested by teaching staff to continually keep the items in reserve. If users need a particular item to be released earlier, they can contact our staff at 3943-1922 or via email to: for arrangement.

Computing & Printing Failities



  • Sometimes, I find that there is not enough computer to use.

It should be noted that the University Library System (ULS) has the greatest number of PCs among all UGC libraries. More will be added in the new Learning Commons and Research Commons in the University Library to accommodate the needs of additional students. However, there is a limit to the number that can be added. In fact, all users are encouraged to bring their own notebook computers to the Library and this is the University’s policy as well. In view of this, the Wi-Fi coverage in all libraries of the University Library System was upgraded this summer and more power sockets will be installed in the University Library after the renovation exercise.

  • It would be better if all computers could be upgraded to an acceptable level, as I often found some computers working too slow and hang easily.

All computers in the University Library will be replaced with the latest model in the coming academic year after renovation. iMac and all-in-one PCs will be provided too.

  • IE browsers are out of date; sometimes cannot download research documents or use common search engine features.

A total of 8 PCs on the 1/F of the University Library had been upgraded to Win 7 and had been put on trial since March 2012. The upgrade will provide multiple browsers including IE9, Google Chrome and Firefox. The majority of the public PCs in branch libraries were upgraded to Win 7. New PCs with Win 7 will also be installed in the University Library after the completion of the renovation.

  • really hope that MS Office 2010 can be available at all computers, at least they can open the 2010 files.

All the PCs in the ULS that have been migrated to Win7 will come with a list of software which includes MS Office 2010. Please click here for details of the list. All the PCs in the ULS will be provided with this standard package of software from now on.

  • 手提電腦借用的安排很好,若果數量能增加會更好

Starting from September 2012, more notebook computers will be available in the University Library as well as some branch libraries to enhance the notebook loan service.

  • It is suggested to have more printers in libraries.

This summer, the ULS has launched the new multi-function photocopiers (MFP) that provide printing and scanning functions in addition to the ordinary photocopying function. This will greatly enhance the printing facilities of the ULS. In addition, all these MFPs collect charges via Octopus. The addition of these new MFPs will also alleviate the problem of network printing bottlenecks that occur with the network printers.

  • The printing cost is a bit high.

The ULS acknowledges the need to provide a printing service that is affordable to most students but at the same time friendly to the environment by discouraging unnecessary printing. With this remit, the ULS will investigate the right level of network printing charges and the possibility of offering discount to duplex printing in September 2012.

  • I think for one double-side printed sheet, it ought to have same price with 1 page of single side so that students will be consider protecting the environment more.
  • 希望图书馆的打印设施能够提高一下如果能用自己的电脑连接到打印机打印就好了

The new Wi-Fi printing service would be available soon.

  • 希望所有的打印/影印设备都可以用八达通或学生证付款

With the new MFPs, all the charges of photocopying and printing services can be settled via Octopus. The pre-pay account in the CU-Link cards can be used to settle the charges of network printing.

  • Also the scanning machines are not user friendly, I always suggests that some copying machines should having their scanning function enable in order for students who have large amount of papers to scan.

A total of 10 new MFPs in the University Library System will provide a scanning service. A trial of this new service in the University Library and Medical Library will be launched in August 2012.

  • The Wi-Fi service in lib is not stable, and the signal is weak.

To enhance wireless network coverage and capacity, extra Wi-Fi hotspots were added and upgraded in all libraries of the ULS in this summer.

  • 更新大學圖書館的老式鼠標

All the obsolete mouses were replaced.

  • Most of the Chinese pen input in the UL library PCs are not working.

All the old Chinese input tablets in all libraries will be replaced.

Other Facilities



  • 建議在遠離圖書館的中大校園範圍 (如CYT, 火車站,新書院等等) 設置還書箱


  • Provision of hot water dispenser would be much appreciated.

Hot water machines are now available at the University Library and the branch libraries.

Noise and Temperature



  • I hope the air conditioning system in libraries could change according to the weather outside to suit the use of readers. Sometime it was a bit cold if students stay for long time.

The Library has set its temperature in the range of 21-23oC and relative humidity of 45-60%, which is suitable for users and books. However, it is inevitable that the temperature may fluctuate under different weather conditions. If you feel unusually cold in a specific area, please contact staff at the Circulation Counter.

  • The library gets a little too cold every time.
  • It's a bit noisy when there is a construction site near the university library. I cannot concentrate because of that.

Regarding the noise from the construction site, the Library totally understands and feels sorry for users about this. Conditions will improve after the Library Extension project is completed in 2012.

  • The library has been so noisy because of construction. I couldn't really work there lately.