Decommissioning of Digital Initiative Server

01/03/2017 to 31/03/2017

The Library is glad to inform you that our Digital Initiative server ( will be decommissioned from 17 March 2017, most digital collections with digital images have been migrated to the CUHK Digital Repository ( If you have bookmarked our site or found some of our digital collections inaccessible, please refer to the latest URL below:

Digital Collections

Updated URL

Archive of Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture

Archive of Chu Bamboo Manuscript of Guodian

China Academic Digital Associative Library

Chinese Rare Book Digital Collection

Chinese Women and Hong Kong Christianity: An Oral History Archive

CUHK Electronic Theses and Dissertations

CUHK SIR (Platform migrated to CUHK Research Portal)

David Hawkes Archive

Hong Kong Architectural Publications Index (HKAPI)

Hong Kong Literature Database

Hong Kong Macau Periodicals Network

Hong Kong NewsBot

Hong Kong Visual Arts Archive

Index to Chinese Periodicals of Hong Kong (HKInChiP)

Manuscript Collection

Modern Chinese Drama Database

Modern Chinese Literature Research Portal

Oracle Bones

Rulan Chao Pian Music Collection

ULS eBook Initiative

United College General Education Senior Seminar Papers Database

Zou Ma Lou San Guo Wu Jian Database, Jia He Li Min Tian Jia Bie Database


Any enquiry can be directed to