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E.g., 24/06/2019
  • 05/01/2016 to 20/02/2016

    1. Travel Photography

    Speaker : Mr. Birdy Chu (朱迅先生), Photojournalist, video director and lecturer.
    Date : 29 January 2016 (Friday)

    We love taking photos while travelling, to capture the historical architecture, astonishing landscapes and beautiful people we see as well as the feelings of a time and place. These nice shots can be shared with your friends through social media networks and gatherings. A professional photographer who loves travelling, Birdy had been involved in different travel photography projects. He is going to share with participants his personal experience and tips on travel photography. Feel free to bring your own travel photos and share your joy with others.


  • 18/12/2015 to 02/01/2016

    The Learning Garden of the University Library will be temporarily closed during Christmas and New Year holidays.

    Date Opening hours 24 Dec (Thur) - Christmas Eve Close at 5:00 p.m. 25 – 27 Dec (Fri – Sun) - Christmas holidays Closed 28 Dec (Mon) Re-open at 9:00 a.m. 31 Jan (Thur) – New Year's Eve Close at 5:00 p.m. 1 Jan (Fri) – The first day of January Closed 2 Jan (Sat) Re-open at 8:20 a.m.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • 17/12/2015 to 27/01/2016

    Speaker : Mr Pun Kwok Ling, Lawrence
    Date : 26 January 2016 (Tuesday)
    Time : 3:00pm – 4:30pm
    Venue : Learning Garden, LG/F University Library
    Language : Cantonese
    Enquiry : Ms Winnie Chan 3943 3725/

    Jointly presented by the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies and CUHK Library

    Tram Culture, Literature and Film

    Book Display

    Period: 18/1 to 31/1/2016

    Venue: Learning Garden, University Library

    書 名 / 作者 出版社 索書號 館藏


  • 07/12/2015 to 24/12/2015

    The examinations will begin soon! Below are some tips to help you prepare.

    1. Plan Your Study Time

    Make your study schedule practical, flexible and realistic. Your Library provides over 4,000 seats for your quiet study during the daytime. The Library has also implemented the following special arrangements.

    The opening hours of Chung Chi Elizabeth Moore Library is extended to 2 a.m. (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

    Late Reading Rooms in New Asia College Ch’ien Mu Library and United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library are open 24 hours. (Nov 25 – Dec 23)

    The Ground Floor of the UL New Extension is open 24 hours and designated as a silent study zone at night. (Nov 30 – Dec 21)

    Bubble Group Study and Multi-purpose Rooms in the Learning Garden is open 24...

  • 04/12/2015 to 31/01/2016

    As previously announced in 22 July 2015, ITSC is phasing out Auto-charging System for Printing Service and switching to Octopus-charging printing (Self-Service Printing) by 31 July 2016. This phasing-out is due to a substantial growth in the maintenance cost of the Auto-charging System in recent years and the popularity of using Octopus-charging printing service on campus.

    Following ITSC's decision, the Library will decommission the “Easy Add Value System @ Library” (EASL) on 4 Jan 2016. You will not be able to add deposit to your ITSC / Library print account after that date.

    The ITSC / Library print account will be terminated on 1 Aug 2016. Library users will be able to print using Multi-Function Photocopiers (MFP) or Express Printers with Octopus payment.

  • 30/11/2015 to 22/12/2015

    Below are special arrangements in the University Library from 30 November to 21 December, 2015.
    1. The Ground Floor of the University Library New Extension and the Quiet Study Zone in the Learning Garden will be open 24 hours and are designated as a silent study zone at night.
    2. Bubble Group Study and Multi-purpose Rooms in the Learning Garden will be open 24 hours.
    The exams are already in full swing. Good luck with your examinations!
    Extended Services for the Learning Garden in the University Library during exam period...

  • 27/11/2015 to 24/12/2015

    What can you do to protect your personal property in the Library? Prevention is the best cure. Follow the suggestions below to minimize your chances of becoming the next victim:

    While in the library, always keeps personal belongings in view. Do not leave personal property unattended even for a minute. When using washrooms, do not leave your valuables unattended. Try to minimize the amount of valuables you carry. Immediately report any suspicious persons or activities to the CUHK Security Office at 3943-7999, or the Police at 999.

    The CUHK Library strives to provide a safe and secure environment conducive to learning and research. The responsibility for personal property, however, remains with the owner of the property and the Library takes no responsibility for such property...

  • 26/11/2015 to 12/12/2015

    Date: 26.11.2015-11.12.2015
    Venue: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

    This exhibition by Professor Charles Kao, Father of Fibre Optics includes artwork created between 2013 and 2015 and aims to provide people with a better understanding of how art can bring colourful lives to Alzheimer’s patients and their carers.

    Enquiries: 2876 2422 (Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease)


  • 06/11/2015 to 25/11/2015

    The following Library Workshops are opened for all CUHK undergraduate students. Postgraduate students who are interested in these topics are also welcome to attend. If you have the Digital Literacy Card that the Library sent out earlier in September, attending the above sessions can be counted towards the Digital Literacy Certificate Course.

    To plagiarize or not to plagiarize ...... What makes the difference?

    Introduces the concept of plagiarism with real world examples and explains what should or should not be done when citing references in academic writing.

    Nov 18 (Wed) 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
    Nov 24 (Tue) 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

    Venue: User Education Room 1, G/F, University Library

    RefWorks Flow - the 1-click bibliography generator......

  • 23/10/2015 to 17/11/2015

    Speaker : Mr. Suen Shu Kwan, Leon
    Mr. Tsang Tsz Yeung, Eric
    Prof. Joseph Chan Man
    Date : Nov 18, 2015 (Wed)
    Time : 4:30p.m. to 6:00p.m.
    Venue : Learning Garden, LG/F, University Library, CUHK
    Enquiry : 3943 7680

    Images @ Occupy
    Images @ Occupy
    Images @ Occupy

  • 23/10/2015 to 11/11/2015


    查詢:3943 8733

    合辦:香港中文大學書寫力量 中國語言及文學系 大學圖書館


  • 14/10/2015 to 13/11/2015

    The workshop is co-organized by the CUHK Library and Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong Centre. Through practising moving and sitting meditation, the participants can learn how to achieve peace of body and mind.

    Tutor : Venerable Chang Chan (常禪法師)
    Date : Session 1 - 5/11 (Thur)
    Session 2 - 12/11 (Thur)
    Time : 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
    Venue : Learning Garden, University Library
    Language : Putonghua
    Enquiry : Learning Garden 3943 9730, Email  OR
    Dr. Sandy Hoi (許韻馨博士) 3943 1576

    Co-ogranised by the Dharma Drum Mountain Hong Kong Centre & the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

  • 12/10/2015 to 18/10/2015


    查詢:3943 8733
    合辦:香港中文大學書寫力量 中國語言及文學系 大學圖書館


  • 02/10/2015 to 09/10/2015

    欣賞一首詩有多少種角度?除了直觀/印象式感想,我們還可以怎樣說明一首詩的好壞?歡迎來跟資深詩人與詩評人 廖偉棠 學習 讀詩 與 練習寫作詩評 。
    * 課堂作業優秀者,有機會獲邀參與專欄寫作。
    時間:6:30-8:30 pm
    截止報名日期:2015年10月9(五)下午五時前交自學中心(聯合書院圖書館一樓), 滿額即止 。

  • 24/09/2015 to 08/10/2015

    What is design? What is thinking? Is it Art? Is it Science?

    Design thinking is not just about finding solutions, it is more about exploring possibilities beyond the confines of limitations and expectations. Developing a skill in finding a perfect answer to every single life and work's problem is as rare as blue moon, but as the experts always say: "creativity can not be taught, it can only be caught!", so can we think like Leonardo de Vinci?

    During the sharing session, the speaker will take the audience through a journey of discovery from a humanistic angle to explore ways to generate creative and innovative solutions. Participants will be given idea generation exercises, then compare and debate on the resultant propositions to gain a working understanding of how ideas...

  • 21/09/2015 to 08/10/2015

    Co-organised by the CUHK Library and the PI Centre, we are pleased to offer 3D Print Week @ Learning Garden in the University Library. The 3D Print Week comprises a series of events and workshops aimed at exploring various applications and creativity design using 3D printers and scanners. This event provides an ideal platform for participants to talk directly with experts, attend workshops and get hands-on experience on 3D printing and scanning.

    3D technologies may inspire your creativity and actualize your design concepts into everyday life. Join us at 3D Print Week @ Learning Garden.

    Enquiries: 3943 9730 /

    Creativity and 3D Printing Open Day
    The PI Centre, Department of...

  • 11/09/2015 to 03/11/2015

    All CUHK undergraduate students are welcome to attend the following library workshops. Postgraduate students are also welcome to attend if they wish. After attending five courses on information research skills (with at least 1 session from Program 4), you will be granted a certificate of digital literacy by the Library. Students, in groups of ten or more, can request library courses to suit their information needs and schedules.

    Program 1: How to Effectively Use Computing Facilities in the Library

    Part A: Getting Started with Computer Facilities in the University Library
    Topics covered:

    Printing service such as Network print, Octopus print, Express print, Wi-Fi print and 3D printing and scanning services; Kindle and Laptop Computer Lending Services;...
  • 01/09/2015 to 17/09/2015

    The Library Orientation for new undergraduate students will be held from September 7 to 17, 2015 at the University Library.

    Topics :

    Introduction to Library services and resources; Know more about your borrowing privileges; Tour around the University Library.

    Venue : User Education Room 1, G/F, University Library

    Registration : Complete the Online Registration Form

    Date Time Language Sep 7 (Mon) 12:25 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Cantonese 2:25 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Putonghua 4:25 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. Cantonese Sep 8 (Tue) 12:25 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Cantonese 2:25 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Cantonese 4:25 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. Putonghua Sep 9 (Wed) 12:25 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Putonghua 2:25 p.m. - 3...
  • 28/08/2015 to 30/09/2015

    The improvement works for sound insulation of Bubble Group Study Rooms in the Learning Garden has been completed. All walls of the Rooms are now heightened and suspended ceilings are installed with sound absorbing materials, which prevent sound escape through air vents between the walls and ceilings.

    Improvement works for sound insulation of bubble group study rooms...

  • 28/08/2015 to 30/09/2015

    Two 3D scanners, NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner and Structure Sensor 3D Scanner, are now available for loan to current CUHK students, staff and faculty at the Learning Garden of the University Library. Please click here to preview the features of these two scanners.

    More details at

    3D Scanning Service...